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    Dry plasters:
- Basic plasters based on cement, lime and gypsum.
- Glues for EPS, XPS and glass mineral/stone wool.
- Glues for marble granite and tiles.
- Grouting and sand masses.
  Renova, Knauf.

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•    System dry constructing: 
- Constructing boards, metal profiles, design elements, isulation, plastic and aluminum panel and wood construction.
    Knauf, Knauf insulation.


•    Lightweight cement bricks  and aquapanel boards:
   Silcapor, Ytong, Tracon, Knauf.

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•    Hydroisolation for indoor and outdoor:
- One-component and two-component hydroisolations, cold bitumen and bitulit, kondor in rolls, terraplast, geotextiles, flachendiht coats and  flachendiht tapes for bathrooms, balconies and pools.
    Fragmat, Renova, Knauf, Masterplast, Ading.

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•    Facade thermal insulation:
- EPS polystyrene, XPS polystyrene and graphite polystyrene;
- Stone wool, mineral wool;
- Fiberglass mesh, plastic profiles with mesh, anchors

    Technical Textiles, Termopor, Fragmat, Sat Styro, Pevalit, Masterplast.  

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•    Colors,paints, final plasters and coats:
-Tiefgrund, primer, bonding liquid products, synthetic resin and silicone plaster, decoratıve plasters, paints and facade paints.
    Renova, Huma, Knauf, Baumit, Bekoteks, Bekament.


•    Floors::
- Mass serving to level, dry screed, special polystyrene radiant heat insulation, EPS polystyrene, XPS polystyrene, foil for heating, isofoam border strip,oils for underfloor heating , fiberglass mesh tapes.
    Fragmat, Termopor, Sat Styro, Masterplast, Würth.


•    Placıng the fınal accessorıes on the floor:
- Flooring, laminate, three layer parquet, underlayment for laminate and glues.
    Hasslacher, Egger, Santos, Masterplast.


•    Roofs and under roofs:
- Laths,  OSB boards, roof  foils, mineral wool with or without aluminum foil
    Egger, Masterplast, Würth, Izocam, Ursa.


•    Interior and decorations
- Ceiling mouldings, 3D wall panels, polystyrene corners, profiles, angles, decorative plasters, smooth masses and coats, Cleaneo aqustic boards, computer mixing colors.
    Bovelacci, Bekoteks, Knauf.


•    Constructing chemistry, manual and machine tools.
- Acrylic silicones, pu foams, pu styro foams, glues,  dicht masses, sandpaper, tapes, foils, nylon, screws.
    Würth, Beorol, Tytan, Tikkurila, Schuller, Verto, Topex, Gebol, Kubala, Den Braven.



•    Complete performance to all constructing – crafted jobs by the key- hand system for all public and individual objects.
•    Final production process and packing constructing materials with our logo and brand.

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